Lots of reasons to book a UK Self Catering holiday

09 January 2017

Putting aside the fact that Yorkshire has the most beautiful landscapes in the UK there are lots of practical reasons why you might want to book a self-catering break in 2017

You don’t need to fly and you won’t need a passport! Busy airports and long security checks never get a holiday off to a great start (or indeed end!). Passports aren’t cheap and when you need one for every member of a large family the costs very quickly rack up. Add into the mix the fact that a child’s passport needs renewing every five years and that’s a lot of money to pay before you have even booked your flights!

No need to hire a car! Often more complicated than it appears from the outset!  There are often hidden costs the worry of a having a bump in an unfamiliar vehicle, with a hefty insurance excess! There’s also the frantic search for the petrol station nearest the airport to fill up the car in time to catch your flight! (Plus the nervous car inspection when you drop off the car – was that scratch really there when you were given it!)

Throw everything in your own car and you are off! Forget trying to pack everything but the kitchen sink into a couple of suitcases and decanting liquids into tiny bottles! Stick a roof box on your car and you are away! If you are super organised you can even get all your food and drink, loo roll etc. delivered to your self-catering property.

Self-Catering is so easy...So, there are all the lovely Yorkshire pubs, cosy cafes and fine dining restaurants in and around Harrogate, Knaresborough and Nidderdale but ther are lots of other ways to make the most of your family time. Harness the skills of a brilliant local chef who will fill your own dishes wih super yummy food - take a look at his Wots Cookin’ website or the COOK store who provide dishes which go straight into the oven. 

You can take your doggy with you! Getting a dog sitter or paying for kennels can massively increase your holiday bill, not to mention your dog punishing you when you get home. At Harrogate Holidays all you pay is a one off £20 charge to cover any extra cleaning. Take a look at all of our pet friendly properties by clicking here

It is less of a worry if you get sick! Of course no one plans to get sick on holiday but it really is a lot easier to access healthcare in the UK. No need to worry about where the E111 card or how to access the healthcare system! It’s all in English with systems that we understand (thinking back here to a trip to a local hospital in Spain where it took an hour to figure out the one who got to see the doctor was the first one to run across the waiting room and get to the door!) Holidaying in the UK greatly takes away this stress factor.

It costs less money! Take away the cost of flights and car hire and you have saved yourself an awful lot of money!

Our country is beautiful! We’re obviously biased but we think the countryside of North Yorkshire takes some beating. Take a look for your perfect self-catering break today.


We know that we are biased, but hopefully this article will give you food for thought when you are planning your 2016 getaway.

Reasons to stay in the UK
  • No security checks & long waits
  • Just hop in the car and you are off
  • Great foodie options
  • Bring your doggy too
  • UK holidays can be great value