Jackson is a Winner!

01 February 2017

The judges have thought long and hard and whilst it was a difficult decision,  in the end they were unanimous!  Jackson Moore's written piece on why Harrogate is a great place to visit stood out with its engaging style and imaginative use of questions and answers!

Very well done to Jackson, a pupil in year 8 at Ashville College, who popped into our offices yesterday to receive his prize of an Everyman cinema voucher - we hope you enjoy using it!

Here's the full text of Jackson's piece which impressed us so much:

Where are you?

Have you been wondering whether or not to take a family holiday to Harrogate? If you have, what’s holding you back?

After all, it is the happiest place to live in Britain. Here you can have practically anything you want; 200 acres of beautiful land called The Stray, the world famous Betty’s Tearoom, fabulous transportation, the wonderful Valley Gardens, the brand new Everyman Cinema, and the Yorkshires Dales knocking on your front door.

The Stray is the perfect place to get away from busy city life and relax. The transportation is top class and rarely late, with services to York, Ripon, Leeds and so many others. The Valley Gardens is perfect for a walk. It has beautiful flowers, gorgeous footpaths, fabulous cafes, and even a park for children! At Everyman Cinema, not only can you watch a film, but you can also order food beforehand and have it brought to you during the movie so you don’t have to worry about children spilling their food and drink. Isn’t that convenient?

Are you hungry? Why not try one of Harrogate’s extensive range of shops and restaurants? If you fancy an afternoon tea, Betty’s tearoom is the place to be. This world famous tearoom has been serving the people of Harrogate since 1919.

If you thought that was a lot, wait until you hear about all the activities that are just outside Harrogate.

Harlow Carr is another must see, with simply gorgeous gardens and footpath views that are simply spectacular. Another is Stockeld Park with various activities such as ice skating in the winter but also a beautiful path through the woods. You might also want to visit The Yorkshire Dales, a spectacular, seemingly endless stretch of land that is simply splendid. There are also many beautiful cathedrals, abbey ruins and castles. Some are Fountains Abbey, Bolton Abbey, Ripon Cathedral and Ripley Castle. All of which are unique and beautiful in their own special way.

There are endless possibilities of what you can do in Harrogate. Both day and night provide so many options of activities to explore, so where are you?



Competition Winner Jackson Moore